Be The Good In This World.

BeTheGood-12x12-PinkI have heard many words of wisdom in my 30 years of life but in the past few years (especially since I have become a Mom) one has rang true… “If you can’t find any good in the world… BE the good in this world!”.  Those words were spoken by a man that MANY of us look up to (particularly hubby and I), Trey Morgan.  This has really struck a cord with me because so many times people will do lots of complaining about the world we live in today… “It’s going to the dogs” “There is NO good” “There is no hope”.  For a young mother of two these words are very disheartening and saddening for my future and especially the future of my children!

So what in the world can little ol Candace Jae do in Fritch, TX?  I’m not anything special.  Just a girl that fell in love with a boy, got married, had kids and living the American dream…there’s not really anything you and I can do unless you are super smart or President, Right?…WRONG!!!  There are so many small things that you can do that adds up to make a difference in this world.  I would like to share with you a story from this past Friday.

I told Tyler that we needed to do something special with the kids so we decided to spend some time together in Amarillo.  We wanted to treat our kids to happy meals at McDonald’s and a movie!  So as many of you know my kids (and I am sure other kids you know) do not sit still for long.  They like to move around, talk loudly, be silly…you know, what a 2 and 4 year old would do.  Which I am fine with as long as it’s controlled chaos (“Controlled” this will be the theme of the blog).  I by no means have all the answers when it comes to parenting but I do know that I put God first and try to base every decision I make on what God would want me to do in every situation.  So, we are sitting with our kids and they are standing in their seats at this point while eating their meal and having a very rambly convo with one another, they are getting on the brink of loud but I have seen WAY worse from then and as long as they are in their seats and not running around Tyler and I feel we have done our job:)  I had noticed across the way from us were 4 elderly ladies sitting around having coffee (Brooklyn and I had actually greeted them as we passed by their table before we sat down).  After a while I got on the phone with my sister before we wrapped up our meal when not two minutes later I hear one of those elderly ladies yelling at me.  “Hey! Excuse me! Can you control your kids?’ ( See…told you “control” would be a key word here)  I honestly thought she was joking at first but when I saw her face and the other ladies I knew she was not joking!  She continued “how about you get off your phone and take are of your kids lady! Geez!” To that I had a calm come over me (aka. God.) and all I could say was “Wow.”  I calmly told Tyler and the kiddos that we needed to go ahead and go to the movie.  The ladies kept muttering something as we exited the McDonald’s. At this point I was FURIOUS, as was my hubby that REALLY wanted to lay into those ladies.  All I wanted was to go back inside and give those ladies a piece of my mind. How dare you speak to a someone like that?  What gives you the right?  How did you think at noon on a friday at MCDONALDS were you gonna have a quiet cup of coffee?

I have to admit that I wanted to say so many things to those ladies.  But I asked myself a few questions, Would it matter?  Would it bring glory to God?  Would it set a good example for my kids? Would Jesus be proud?  I answered all these with a resounding No!  Would it have given me an amount of gratification to spill my guts to them? Maybe, for a minute or two but then I would have felt bad stooping to their level in doing exactly what I wouldn’t want to do and WOULD regret later!  The thing that hurt the worst was her comment about taking care of my kids.  That stung.  I’m not gonna lie.  I cried and cried over it because since I have been a Mother I have spent time, energy, money, prayer into trying my best to mold them into great kids and eventually amazing  Christians I know God has set out for them to be.  I know she didn’t know me and it should not have mattered but that’s just how I am hard wired, emotional, worrisome and care too much about what people think of me. (That’s right…even strangers!)

I have since prayed a lot about it and evaluated the situation, I feel that we did do the right thing.  I was in “Control” (contrary to what the lady yelling at me felt) of the situation.  The difference between my family and those ladies was I had God on my side.  I feel God gave me the strength to walk away from the situation and upon reflection realize it took more courage and strength to do what we did rather than what those ladies did.  Was it MY strength? Nope.  God gave me all the strength and control in my life to give him the glory in all we do.

I write this article as a call to EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD… be an encourager, an optimist, a good person, hard working, helpful, a Christian!  I feel it’s so easy to be mean, rude, hateful, cheeky but it takes tremendous strength to be the GOOD in this world.  Jesus was and still is the GOOD in this world.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17… This is so true, Anything you do or have that is good and wonderful is a blessing from God.  If we sing his praises, pray, do good, be good, be happy, joyous, loving, kind… Man o Man would it not be a glorious place?

I hope that this blog encourages you to be a little more patient, understanding, loving, kind.  The next time you come up against something that is stressful, angers you, tests your patience… I encourage to pray and seek God in that moment and he will truly bless you.  See the good, be the Good and remember if you cannot find any good in this world …BE THE GOOD IN THIS WORLD!


let me iLuminate you please…

Cheesy title huh? lol…I got be me all of the time right? Ok…to the subject matter and task at hand shall we?

iLuminate Magazine app…heard of it? Well, this brilliant app developer (aka. Tyler Brassfield aka. my hubby!) developed an app for iLuminate Magazine app and it’s amazing!

First of all…What is iLuminate Magazine?  Well…let me tell ya!  It is a Christian based magazine that helps produce Biblical material that guides us on our daily path with Christ.  It is founded by a couple, Joe & Erin Wells, Joe is a preacher at Lakeside Church of Christ in Jacksonville Florida.  They strive to make this magazine not only high-quality but sound in the Word of God.  This particular magazine is exclusively an ezine (e-magazine) so you can use it on your computer, smartphones, tablets…and any other gadget you can download books on these days…ha!

I think this is a great opportunity to express to you the importance in continuously growing with the Lord and finding new and helpful ways to encourage and help us in our daily walk.  If you are looking for a way to be closer with God, learn more about his word and have made it a resolution in 2014 to become closer to God (like I made this year!) then this is a great way to start off your year!  The iLuminate app is FREE and available in the app store to download today if you like!  The first issue is FREE and if you would like a year subscription it is only $9.99!!! You heard me…$9.99 for an entire year! To keep you focused, to keep you going, to keep you inspired…my O my that’s a huge pay off in so many ways…if you know what I mean.  Spending the time and small amount of funds to be inspired all year long, what an investment!  The issues come out every other month, 6 issues within a year and you can search in the app store by typing in “iLuminate” or search “Joe Wells”.

I am so proud of my hubby being a small part of this HUGE work for the Lord and so excited to let you all know about it.  In so many ways God blesses us and we need to embrace all he has to offer us and that begins with learning more about him and devoting our time, finances….everything we have to glorify Him.  To keep him at the constant forefront of our minds and never straying from his path.  Please go check iLuminate magazine out and see what it has to offer you…you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderfully BLESSED day!


What was I doing 4 years ago today?

One of the most inspiring and humbling events was happening to me 4 years ago today. I was in pain, crying, mad at Tyler and was very very anxious…. I was having my first-born child Gunner Ray! At this point I had underwent a long night of labor and Gunner’s heart rate had continued to plummet so he got delivered via emergency C-section…Welcome to Motherhood huh? And of course they whisked him away so I only got to touch him for a quick second…although I desperately wanted to hold him! So after I came out of recovery they gave me my son and it was a beautiful moment I said “hey sweetie…you look so much like your daddy…where is mommy in there?” LOL I was thinking “Hey! I carried him for 9 months and went through major surgery and I get no credit?” …he was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe how much I could love someone in an instant…my life was forever changed! I did however have NO IDEA what being a mother was really going to entail when Gunner entered my life. As some of you know when Gunner was firstborn he was put in the NICU for pneumonia and 7 days into his stay we found out he had a heart condition which would require open heart surgery. I was devastated and for awhile I blamed God but realized quickly that I would need God more than ever as I went through caring for my son and having full faith that God would not only get Gunner healthy again but also get us through this trying time.gunnerpostop

Through this time I learned a lot about myself, how to efficiently execute putting in a feeding tube (for Gunner), fully rely on God, how to be a better mom, wife and Christian. There are sometimes Gunner’s first year of life was all a dream and it didn’t really happen. But I am thankful God was there to help us get through it and become a closer family that had renewed faith in God.

Everyone that knows Gunner now would never believe that Gunner went through what he did and I am VERY thankful for that! He is stubborn, smart, happy, VERY loving, protective big brother and super thoughtful. He has come so far and since being in school he has learned soooo much and come so far on an intellectual and social level, Tyler and I am very proud of him! I love how far he has come and I look forward to what he will become in the future. gunnercurrent

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 4 year old I know… Mommy loves you sooooo much my beautiful son!

I dropped my phone in the toilet…now what?!?!?


Yes…it happens and it has actually happened to me 3 times!!!

~First of all…DO NOT PANIC! ( I know I did but does not help!!!)

~Second of all take it out of it’s case and dry off the case as best you can then cover with a paper towel.

~Now go to your pantry and see if you have any rice…that’s right…I said rice! It doesn’t matter what brand of what kind just needs to be enough rice to cover the entire phone in a bowl.

~Now that you have your phone covered in a paper towel (completely covered in paper towel so no rice get attached to the phone or in it somehow) and the rice is completely covering the phone and paper towel…you have come to the most awful part…the waiting game.

~You want it to stay in the rice to soak up as much moisture as possible because what we have learned is if you take it out and try to turn it on too soon that it has the possibility to short out and completely ruin any chance of restoring your phone to working order.

~You should keep your phone in the rice, completely covered, for 4 hours and if you are apprehensive you can wait another hour or 2…I think that would be safest and make for sure you have given it plenty of time.

~Now after you have waited for hours…clear the rice from the paper towel, remove the paper towel, and try to turn on your phone. If your phone turns on check the sound by playing music and take a few pics to make sure things are in working order. If they are not…put the phone back in the paper towel and then into the rice for a few more hours. If it does not turn on then hopefully your warranty is still in service:)

~finally…DO NOT COOK THE RICE! Gross! Just thought I would clarify that…THROW THE RICE AWAY!

Hope this has been helpful! If you really want to water proof and prevent other things from potentially ruining your phone get a Lifeproof case series…My hubby went out and got me one for “just in case” and to have peace of mind:) There are many cool colors and different variations of the case too so you have many options to choose from!

Take care and keep your phone FARRRRRR away from the toilet…also do what I have decided to do from here on out…do not trust yourself with your phone in your back pocket…you WILL forget!

I have an app!!!

That’s right people… my hubby has made me an app and you can have it too…FREE!!! You may not be able to search for “Heart Matters” in the app store today but you can go to this link – – and if that doesn’t work you can wait til possibly tomorrow to search and download it. I’m super excited about it! I will try to blog once…possibly twice a week about inspirational topics, scripture, crafts, funny stuff and if you need everyday inspiration for scriptures I have a daily scripture for you within the app…yippee!!! I pray the blog blesses you and if you have any topics or ideas for me to blog about just let me know:)

Have a blessed day!!! AppIcon76x76@2x-2


img_5137 img_5541Sooooo…first of all, it’s almost been a year since my last blog…that needs to change! lol  My sweet hubby has built me an app for this blog and he told me he wants me to inspire people with it so …here I go!  Heart Matters, that’s the name of my blog, Tyler actually thought of the name of my blog because it has so many meanings.  Using your heart for good, matters of the heart, knowing that showing your heart to others is showing Christ and also it helps me remember a time in my life where heart meant faith in God and praying for my son’s heart to heal through open heart surgery.  Yes, My son having surgery on his heart was one of things I do not wish to go through again but it also was a beautiful transition in my life.  I had to fully rely on God and have faith that he would be with Gunner and help heal his heart…and my heart as well.  There is nothing worse, I feel, than seeing your child hurting and you can do nothing about it!  You cannot transfer the pain they are having to you, you cannot tell God to give everything Gunner was going through to me… Believe me…I asked many times!  I did have one thing that would help Gunner through this trying time…love.  I had so much love to give him.  Hugging, Kissing, Praying, Singing, Laughing, holding hands and even more Praying!  The day of his surgery I experienced God fully.  I asked him to comfort me through his surgery cause I knew without God I would be a nervous wreck.  Suddenly from my head all the way down to my toes I was given a warm feeling of comfort.  It was like God telling me “He’s with me now, I’ve got this”…I am thankful for that comfort and I am blessed to know that he not only provided a successful surgery but a VERY healthy and rambunctious child from then on.

You see, heart really does matter… And I try to keep my heart full in God because that’s all that really matters!

Transition to the present day…Now.  I have another transition.  We have moved to Fritch TX and are a part of a wonderful congregation, Fritch Church of Christ!  Things have been wonderful and we have truly been blessed upon blessings with this congregation.  When we moved here I was working with Weight Watchers and took over the Borger meeting.  I started having a longing…some place that I needed to fill my heart with.  I loved Weight Watchers and of course the members are amazing but what I really wanted was to be even more involved in the Church and in God’s work.  It came in the form of the secretary position at our congregation.  I was elated they wanted me to take over after Sherry leaves (Which are some BIG shoes to fill so …no pressure there!)  I feel soooo good about this transition.  I feel that I could help out more, get even more involved with the Church and get to see my hubby even more too! (Since we will be working at the same place… yay!)  God has richly blessed me in all my transitions in life…even the bad ones.  I feel those are the one’s that help you appreciate God even more, right? Amen!  God is good!  Me, Tyler and the kiddos are so happy and we look forward to what God has in store for us:)  Praise his glorious name!

O Christmas Tree!

My favorite part of Christmas is putting up the tree!!!  I am sure this is true for many families but the main reason I love to put up the tree is to look at each and every ornament we have and remember the memory that goes with that particular ornament!  I have actually made a few of the ornaments on our Christmas tree and they are some of my favorites!  Not that they are well made or even good at that but I have made them for very special purposes, our family and kiddos!  Below are a few of the ornaments I have painted, One is a ornament with a picture of my daughter Brooklyn and the other is one of the 4 mini plaque ornaments I made for each family member (Mommy, Daddy, Gunner and Brooklyn).  I did the girls in red and boys in a festive green color and each had different designs on them and I thought they turned out pretty cute!  My favorite of course is the picture frame ornament that I painted with a picture of Gunner and Brooklyn.  I got these unfinished at Hobby Lobby for cheap!  So not only did I get to personalize them, it was also easy on the pocket book!  You do not have to be super talented to paint (obviously judging by my pictures) but an idea and execution.  I encourage you to make some memories this year and try a few of the ideas I have put in front of you!  Merry Christmas and have fun with new and festive projects like I have!IMG_0712IMG_0711IMG_0708

Project Mommy!

IT’S CHRISTMASTIME!!!!  Like many people around the world I LOVE Christmas!  I love putting up all my Christmas decorations and the best thing about Christmas for the last 3 years has been that I have had my kids to celebrate with!!!  It’s made it a lot more joyful and full of new & fun memories!  One of the memories I wanted to make this past year that I carried out for all the major holidays was projects that incorporated either fingers or toes (or both) in plaques for every major holiday.  I got the inspiration for my Christmas plaque (pictured below) on Pinterest and it has turned out to be my favorite plaque I have done with the kids “tootsies” representing Mistletoes!!!  I painted the plaque a bright Christmas red and after that dried I did the hardest part about this project…painting the feet and getting the kids to stay still long enough for me to make the footprint!  I had to bribe my son Gunner with fruit snacks and it got the job done:)  With Brooklyn (my one year old) I had to use Daddy’s help.  I couldn’t believe I got the feet to turn out as good as they did but…Yay for me I did!  The trick is to paint their foot, have the plaque flat on the floor and lay the foot down heel to toe and press down firmly and take the foot off the foot off the plaque in one motion upwards.  After their footprints dried I drew the “mistletoes” writing on the bottom first, cause that is the most important part of the project.  After I did the painted mistletoes I added bows to the heel of each foot (like hanging mistletoes) and added some contemporary design of various sizes of polka dots and Voila!  Love this project and if you have little ones you need to do this cause it’s something you will enjoy for years to come!!!

It’s official…I am an employee at Weight Watchers!!!

I never imagined that about 11 months ago that I would be making this statement…I have lost 62 pounds and now I have been hired on to train as a leader for the greatest weight loss program out there…WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!  It’s been an amazing year and I owe so much of it to Weight Watchers.  My life has changed so much since January when I started the program and I have learned so much throughout this process!  I have learned not only to live a healthier lifestyle but to be more disciplined in ALL aspects of my life!  Being a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter…etc!  I have not only dropped major weight off my body but weight off my shoulders as well…having more energy for my kids and family, being happier than EVER and most importantly have become a better Christian…keeping God #1 in my life is the best contribution to being more disciplined in this journey.

I never thought that I would even want to go to work at all until my kids were in school but after such a wonderful experience I had with the Weight Watchers program I felt strongly about sharing my love and passion for this program and after a lot of encouragement from my sister in law Tiffany (who is currently a Weight Watchers leader) and others I have been hired on to be a leader!  I am still trying to grasp the fact that I have a job now…I had my own thoughts about when I wanted to go back to work but  I feel God has blessed me with this opportunity to help others and keep me on track as well!  Thankfully it is part-time so most of my time is for my family and kiddos but I am SUPER EXCITED about helping others reach their goals and encourage them any way that I can!  It will be some weeks of training before I get to conduct my own meetings but if you are interested at all in the program just ask me and if you need any pointers or encouragment I am here for you! Yay for God’s blessings!


Thankful!  Thanksgiving 2012 has been wonderful!  I got to spend half of it with Tyler’s family…of which we got to see some of my favorite people…my sister n law Tiff and her beautiful family!  Made some wonderful memories and so thankful for building strong family bonds!

We went to Childress to spend thanksgiving day with my family but we had to cut it short because Gunner got the stomach bug…AGAIN!  We have now had the stomach bug twice in the last month in the Brassfield household and we would like to go no further than twice please!  Although we have had sickness to deal with and various other things I continue to look to God and thank him for everything we have.  Me and my little family have been truly blessed and I am thankful for the good and the bad because God continues to bless us with his grace and he didn’t have to send his son to die for you and I but he did…for that I am TRULY THANKFUL!  Always remember that no matter how good or bad things are we need to ALWAYS BE THANKFUL AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY!